Vol.4 – Issue 10 (October- 2022)

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Sickle Cell Disease And Life-threatening Infections - Mini Review
Authors: Salma M Aldallal
Biochemical Changes Of Electrolytes And Trace Elements Among Patient With Coronavirus Disease -19 ( Covid -19) In Khartoum State.
Authors: Abdallah Eltoum Ali; Ahmed Jbril Aldooma Sabil; Mohammed Abd Elfatah Elamin Ali; Ahmed Ibn Edriss Mohammed; Salih A. Elmahdi
Evaluation Of Lipid Profiles In Psychiatric Patients Taking Olanzapine Drug In Khartoum State
Authors: Abdallah Eltoum Ali; Heyam Saif Aldeen Mubarak Alameen; Ibrahim Ahamed Ali Karti; Haidar Eltayeb Saleh
Synchronized Cholecystectomy With Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Is It Benefit Or Not?
Authors: Hassan Awad; Gamal Osman; Ahmed M Yehia
Frailty Syndrome In Institutionalized Elderly
Authors: Diba Maria Sebba Tosta De Souza; Gabriel Henrique Barbosa Da Rosa; Jorge Luiz De Carvalho Mello; Paulo Roberto Maia; Vitor Ângelo Carlucio Galhardo
Wellbeing Of Histoacryl Glue Used For Mesh Fixation In Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair Is Superior To Other Methods
Authors: Hassan Awad; Ahmen M. Yehia; Gamal Osman