Vol.4 – Issue 1 (January- 2022)

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Autologous Therapeutic Vaccine For Stage Iv Metastatic Colon Cancer: A Case Report
Authors: James M Oleske; Garrett Gianneschi; Anthony Scolpino; Jose Dominguez Jr.
Morgunov, A “februaryst” Giant Ill Of Alcoholism
Authors: Francesco Carelli
Language Development In Mexican Children Who Use Cochlear Implants And Their Relationship With Auditory And Social Factors - Cochlear Implants In Mexican Children
Authors: Ramírez-Barba Mr; Chamlati Aguirre E; Mena-Ramírez M; Galicia-Alvarado M; Vázquez Escobedo Ia; Amezola Angel Vl; Alfaro-González E; Cortes-Altamirano Jl; Bandala C; Alfaro-Rodríguez A
New-onset Atrial Fibrillation Independently Predicts In-hospital Mortality In Critically Ill Covid-19 Patients Admitted To The Intensive Care Unit
Authors: Kashif Bin Naeem; Omar Al Ali; Eslam Alsiddig; Ibrahim Osman; Abdalla Alhajiri; Najiba Abdulrazzaq