Vol.3 – Issue 6 (June- 2021)

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Comparison Of Eating Habits Between University Students
Authors: Patricia Cincotto Dos Santos Bueno; Rafael Carreira Batista; Miguel Florentino Antonio; Pedro Gazotto Rodrigues Da Silva; Yuuki Daniel Tahara Vilas Boas; Vinicius Hideki Hamasaki Uema; Kathleen Caroline De Oliveira Campos; Luis Matheus Leonel Borghette De Melo; Pedro Beraldo Borba; Sofia Goldbaum Calil Lopes; Adriano Nakamura
Mutated Protein’s Stability Accordance To Carbon Force Of Interaction
Authors: E. Rajasekaran; R. Indupriya; R. Devprakash
Relationship Of Foramen Conjunctiva Diameter And Electromyography In Degenerative Disease Of The Lumbar Spine - Electromyography And Lumbar Spine Degeneration
Authors: Alfonso Alfaro-rodríguez; Felipe Jesús Velázquez-hilario; Noemi Isela Hernández-valadez; Carla Lisette García-ramos; Belén Yazmin Vizuett-valdes; Jéssica Rossela García-morales; José Luis Cortes-altamirano; Cindy Bandala
Acceptance Of Covid 19 Vaccine In Iraqi Cancer Patients: Hope, Hype And Reality
Authors: Anmar Alharganee; Musaab Alaboodi; Sherin Alobaidy; Marwah Abdulrahman
Activity Of The F Wave As A Clinical Diagnosis In Thoracic-outlet Syndrome - F Wave In Thoracic-outlet Syndrome
Authors: José Luis Cortes-altamirano; Jéssica Rossela García-morales; Felipe Jesús Velázquez-hilario; Belén Yazmin Vizuett-valdes; Paula Diana Campos-gonzález; Margoth Castillo-herrera; Cindy Bandala; Alfonso Alfaro-rodríguez
Relationship Of Electromyography And Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings With The Therapeutic Decision In Patients Diagnosed With Cervical Radiculopathy - Electromyography And Magnetic Resonance Imaging In Cervical Radiculopathy
Authors: Alfonso Alfaro-rodríguez; Belen Yazmin Vizuett Valdes; Felipe Jesús Velázquez Hilario; Jéssica Rosela García Morales; Margoth Castillo Herrera; Andrea Berenice Cravioto Rivera; Cindy Bandala
Overview Of Coronavirus, Epidemiology Symptoms, Control, Virology, Vaccines, Treatment And New Findings To Save The People And Global Economy And Some Important Recommendations For The Future
Authors: Seyed Hadi Seyedin; Ali Shojaee
Prevalence Of Depression And Associated Factors Among Patients With Diabetes In An Outpatient Clinic In Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Authors: Carla J. Mulambo Dos Santos; Desmond Ayim-abogye; Vincent Adzika; Manuela Amorin
Assessment Of Medicinal Value Of (g. Don) Ex Hoyle (massularia Acuminate) Stem As A Potent Chew Stick Using Gc-ms Analysis
Authors: Ajayi Oloruntobi Adenike