Vol.2 – Issue 8 (August – 2020)

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Calculating The Acute: Chronic Workload Ratio In A Female Olympic Weightlifter: A Case Study
Authors: Brian Serrano; Jacqueline Serrano; Ryan Belsito
Ameliorative Effect Of Boerhaavia Diffusa L. On Transmission Electron Microscopic Changes In Pancreatic Acinar Cells Of Fluoridated Rats
Authors: Shashi A.; Ruhi Thakur
Pulmonary Function Impairment In Diabetic Older Individuals
Authors: Karen Barros Parron Fernandes; Denis Carlos Dos Santos; Eliane Regina Ferreira Sernache De Freitas; Renata Dinardi Borges Liboni; Audrey De Souza Marquez; Paulo Roberto Bignardi; Rubens Alexandre Da Silva Júnior
Characteristics Actuator For Nanomedical Sciences
Authors: Afonin Sm
Conservative Management Of Fibroid In Infertile Women Yield Similar Result As Myomectomy With Proper Patient Selection
Authors: Siddhartha Chatterjee; Shuvro Roychoudhury; Bishista Bagchi
Utilization Of Inhalers In Pediatric Population Attending A Public Hospital In Santiago De Chile
Authors: Elena Vega; Giovanni Cortés Ayala; Patricia Carrasco Sánchez
Comparison Between Erigo Robotic Tilt Table Exercises And Traditional Exercises In Rehabilitation Of Stroke Patients: A Follow Up Study
Authors: Suraj Kumar; Ramakant Yadav; Gowrishankar Potturi; Raj Kumar
Effectiveness Of Patient Handovers Performed By Nurses - Patient Handovers Performed By Nurses
Authors: Aysegül Açil; Ayse Demiray; Ayla Keçeci; Nagihan Ilaslan
Relation Between Preoperative Plasma Fibrinogen Level And Postoperative Bleeding Following Off-pump Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
Authors: Abu Jafar Md. Tareq Morshed; Md. Zanzibul Tareq; Md. Aslam Hossain; Md. Rezwanul Hoque; Md. Samir Azam Sunny; Md. Amirul Islam; Md. Nasif Imtiaz; Debasish Das; Md. Noor-e-elahi Mozumder; Nazrana Martuza
Evaluation Of Phytochemical Screening, Antibacterial And Antioxidant Activities Of Fagonia Cretica (whole Plant)
Authors: Yasmin Hassan Elshiekh; Mohamed Elshafei Eltayeb; Ahmed Abdallah Ahmed; Ali Osman Ahmed; Musab Alnumer Elkhatiem; Mustafa Alfahal Edries; Abdalmonaim Yosef Alawad
Workplace Spirituality And Turnover Intentions Among The Doctors Working In A Private Hospitals In Karachi Pakistan: A Cross Sectional Study
Authors: Sana Hussain; Zareen Hussain
Assessment Of Serum Vitamin D Level In Asthmatic Patients: A Study In Ashiyan Medical College, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Authors: Nazrana Martuza; Shamima Afrin; Abu Jafar Md. Tareq Morshed; Mohammad Shiblee Zaman; Aaysha Siddiqua; Afia Shahnaj; Mahbuba Binte Mannan; Tufazzal Hossain
The Main Risk Factors For Hipertensive Disorders In Pregnancy
Authors: A. F. Ismayilova; J. F. Gurbanova; N. A. Shahbazova; Z. S. Muradova; V. O. Huseynzadeh; A. A. Badalova; H. S. Idrisova
A Comparative Study Between Sevoflurane And Propofol For Ease Of Laryngeal Mask Airway Insertion
Authors: Muhammad Mahmudul Haque; Nitai Chandra Sarkar
Curative Effects Of Curcumin On Gonadotropin And Steroid Hormones In Female Rats Exposed To Fluoride Toxicity
Authors: Shashi A.; Pragati Kaushal