Vol.2 – Issue 12 (December – 2020)

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Isolation Of Extensively Drug Resistant Salmonella Typhi In Blood Culture From Tertiary Care University Hospital
Authors: Binish Arif Sultan; Suresh K Langhani; Irum Shahzaib; Zareen Irshad; Salma Perveen; Sehrish Tariq
Physical Activity Status And Readiness For Exercise Participation Among Lebanese Adults: A Pilot Study
Authors: Mohammed Ali Fakhro; José-noel Ibrahim; Sylvana Chlela
Splenosis: The Autotransplantation Of Splenic Tissue In Dog
Authors: Marcia Kikuyo Notomi; Diogo Alexandre Tenório Mata; Arnaldo César De Oliveira Gomes Lira Junior; Karina Pessoa De Oliveira; Annelise Castanha Barreto Tenório Nunes; Andrezza Cavalcanti De Andrade; Pierre Barnabé Escodro
Prevalence Of Intestinal Parasitic Infection Among Clients Attending Private Medical Laboratory Diagnostic Center In Karshi, Abuja,north Central Nigeria
Authors: Okezie Gabriel Chidiebere; R. A. U. Nwobu; Mgbowula Goodness Ifeoma
Efficacy Of Off Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting For Low Ejection Fraction In Patients
Authors: Md. Magfur Rahman; Md. Aslam Hossain; A. K. Al Miraj
Questionnaire Survey Results On Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (gerd) In Yakumo-town Resident’s Health Examination (2010)
Authors: Naomi Katayama
Using Visual Noise To Improve Tactile Two-point Threshold
Authors: Eri Sugimoto; Hitoshi Sasaki
Antibiotic Susceptibility Profile Of E. Coli Isolates In Hospital And Community Acquired Urinary Tract Infections In A Cancer Hospital In South India
Authors: Radha Rani D; Swathi Nayani; Sravanthi Ch; Rakesh Sharma
Prolific Drug Discovery – Anti Viral And Immunomodulatory - Focused On Sars-cov 2 And Therapeutic Significance
Authors: Mukesh H. Shukla
The Interest Of Uric Acid Dosage In The Exploration Of Renal Function In Diabetic Patients
Authors: Aïkou Nicolas; Coulibaly Amadou Founzegue; Olounlade Pascal; Gnangle Bidossessi Rosen; Aïkou N. L. M.; Aïkou A. N. E; Kangni Aballo Louis Marie; Amoussou Judicaël Théophile; Alkoare I.